Byzantine architectural gold ring set with Quarter Stater of Alexander the Great / SOLD

A perfect quality, elegant, unique Byzantine architectural gold ring decorated with filigree and granulation. The bezel is set with a Quarter Stater of Alexander III the Great (King of Macedon 336-323 BC). This type of ring is termed “architectural” since the tal dome-shaped bezel resembles a church. The scene of the Ascent of Alexander the Great was a popular theme in the late Byzantine art (source: D.O.C., 11, no. 122.).

The Quarter Stater of Alexander the Great (10mm) showing a head of Athena facing right and wearing a crested Corinthian helmet.

Material: solid high carat gold (20,1K with XRF-scan)
Weight: 9,16 gram
Date: Migration period, 8th-9th century AD
Measurement: 31 x 23 mm, ringsize 21mm (11 1/2 USA)
Condition: Extremely fine


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