Early Byzantine gold Marriage ring – sold

An ancient Early Byzantine gold ring engraved with married couple

Byzantinge Gold Marriage ring with portraits of a couple facing eacht other beneath a small cross. Round-sectioned wire hoop with granuleted sholders and border. 

The ring continues the tradition of wearing jewelry commemorating marriage by depicting the married couple, a fashion already current in the late fourth century and one that would continue in Byzantium until the late seventh century. The prominence of the cross emphasizes the piety of the couple, as well as Christ’s protection.
Typically the portraits are generic and not particularly realistic, although often a fashionable hairstyle or jewelry is depicted to show the status of the couple.

Source: Toward an Art History of Medieval Rings – A private collection /
Byzantium and the West: Jewelry in the First Millenium

Material: solid gold (high carat)
Weight: 5.24 gram
Date: Early Byzantine, 5th century AD
Measurement: overall: 25 x 22 mm, ringsize: 21 mm
Condition: Extremely fine condition


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