Early Medieval Merovingian silver-gilt bow brooch / SOLD

Early Medieval Merovingian silver-gilt radiate bow brooch with scroll decoration

A D-shaped headplate, shallow bow and lozengiform footplate with beast-head finial; the headplate with chip-carved scroll decoration and five radiating knops, the bow ribbed, the footplate with scroll decoration; pin-lugs and catchplate to the reverse.

This is a variation on the Aquileia type brooches that originated with the Ostrogoths and were common in northern Italy and in the Danube regions during the Migration period. The chip carved decoration derives from late Roman styles, whilst the S scrolls and animal heads are typically barbarian motifs.

Source: Cf. Menghin, W. The Merovingian Period. Europe Without Borders, Berlin, 2007, item V.3.2.1.

Material: Silver-gilt
Weight: 12.16 gram
Date: Migration period, Merovingian, 6th century AD
Measurement: overall: 58 x 26 mm
Condition: Extremely fine condition, the pin is no longer present as is often the case.


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