Early Medieval Viking Gold Ring with punched traingle decoration / For Sale

Early Medieval gold Viking ring. A flat-section gold plaque with punched traingular decoration. The ends hammer-welded and coiled about the shank.

Both the form of the ring and the punched decoration are typical of Viking jewellery of the late 9th-10th centuries AD and a punch-decorated gold ring of broadly similar form has been found at Thetford (see discussion of the gold ring from Beachamwell, Norfolk in the DCMS Treasure Annual Report 2004, no. 86). Triple-pelleted triangles were used on a Viking silver ring from Moreton Bagot, Warwickshire (DCMS Treasure Annual Report 2002, no. 53).

Material: High carat gold (XRF-scan available soon)
Weight: 4,87 gram
Date: Early Medieval, Viking 9th-11th century AD
Measurement: 23×21 mm overall, 19 mm internal diameter USA: 9
Condition: Extremely fine condition


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