Large Medieval Gold Bishop Glove ring with garnet / For Sale

Large Medieval gold ring with garnet. Also known as a Bishop ring. Due to the size of the ring, it is possible that it was worn over a glove.

This is a perfect example of a Bishop’s ring, worn for devotional meditation. The stirrup ring was the main shape chosen for devotional rings, from the Crusades until the middle of the 14th century. The high, arched bezel takes the form of a Norman arched window, like those in cathedrals from the period.

Material: Gold high carat (XRF-scan available)
Weight: 1,62 gram
Date: Medieval period, ca. 12-14th century AD
Measurement: overall: 25×23 mm , Ringsize: 21 mm USA: 11
Condition: Good condition, wearable, more pictures up on request.

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