gold plaited viking ring

Early medieval viking braided gold ring / SOLD

gold plaited viking ring


A heavy hoop of three plaited wires each consisting of two wires diminishing at the back, where they are beaten together, makes up the present ring. Similar rings, many now in the Britisch Museum, were found in Essex, Oxford, Hants, and Sussex in Great Britain, and others now in Scandinavian museums come from sites in Gotland and Hoen.

Evidence from archeological sites shows that extant examples date from the Viking era of the Scandinavian invasions between the ninth and the eleventh centuries. Almost all surviving braided rings are very large in size, indicating that men probably wore them.

Source: Toward an Art History of Medieval Rings – A private collection

Material: Solid Gold

Weight: 10,16 gram

Date: Early Medieval, Viking 9th-10th century AD

Measurement: internal diameter: ca. 20-21 mm overall:  ca. 29 mm

Condition: Extremely fine condition

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