merovingian architectural gold ring with garnet inlay

Early medieval, merovingian architectural ring with garnet inlay / sold

A perfect quality, Merovingian period architectural gold ring. This type of ring is termed “architectural” since the tal dome-shaped bezel resembles a church. The bezel is set with 4 traingle-shaped flat cut garnets and one round-shaped flat cut garnet in the middle. On the shoulders of the hoop are 2 triangle-shaped flat cut garnets. The structure of the bezel featuring repeating archways made of goldwire. Gold beads punctuate the corners of the archways. All garnets are dark red color.

    • Material: Solid Gold, high carat
    • Weight: 9,29 grams
    • Date: Early medieval, merovingian, 6-7th century AD
    • Ringsize: 22 mm internal diameter USA 12 3/4
    • Measurement: 32 x 25 mm
    • Condition: Extremely fine condition


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