Early Medieval Merovingian Gold disc pendant with filigree and cloisonne Garnet / SOLD

A perfect quality, elegant, Merovingian period gold disc-shaped pendant. The pendant is exceptionally ornate, with characteristic Merovingian applied filigree, granules and set with a dark red color cloisonne garnet.

At the top of the pendant is a suspension loop made from a wide strip of grooved gold sheet. The back itself is plain but shows indentations from the decoration applied to the front of the pendant. The grooves on the suspension loop show clear signs of wear. A particularly refined example of the type.

Material: solid high carat gold (19K with XRF-scan)
Weight: 6,54 gram
Date: Migration period, Merovingian, 6th-7th century AD
Measurement: 30 x 26 mm
Condition: Extremely fine, traces of age, close-up pictures available.


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