Early Medieval Scandinavian Viking bronze Equal armed brooch / For Sale

Early Medieval Viking bronze Equal armed brooch with three radiating lobes to each end and crown to the centre, chip-carved decoration and intact needle. Similar type brooches have been found in Birka, Sweden.

The Equal armed brooches were usually made of bronze, sometimes completed with gilding oder partial white metal layers and decorated a figural style, with small, naturalistic animal figures, or chip-carved.

The type was worn by women on the chest. In graves, they are found in horizontal, vertical and diagonal positions near the neck as well as in between Oval brooches. Probably they were used to close the costume or to keep bead the strands that linked an Oval brooch pair. Quite often, they have one ore more holes. 

Material: Bronze with iron needle
Period: Early Medieval, Scandinavian 9th century AD
Size: 72 x 24 mm
Condition: Good, Traces of age


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