Medieval viking twisted electrum ring

Early medieval Scandinavian VIKING twisted wire ring /SOLD

Early Medieval Scandinavian Viking gold twisted wirework ring. 
It was made by twisting two strands of gold wire, and then twisting these with two tapering gold rods, and forming a hoop. The thin ends of the rods and wires were joined at the back of the hoop by knot them together. 
Gold rings were not common in the Viking period, and this must have represented a very expensive piece of jewellery. 
Electrum is a naturally occurring alloy consisting mainly of gold and silver but may contain trace elements of other metals like platinum or copper. It was used in ancient jewelry and coins. 
Material: Electrum (gold and silver alloy) 
Weight: 3,03 grams 
Date: Early Medieval, 9th-11th century AD 
Measurement: 24 mm overall, 18 mm internal diameter 
Condition: Extremely fine condition, see photo’s
From a private UK collection



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