roman gold ring victory palm

Roman gold ring with Victory Palm / SOLD

An ancient Roman solid gold ring with a Victory Palm branch

Ancient gold Roman ring decorated with an incised palm leaf design. The design is reminiscent of the emblem of the Dobunni tribe (displayed on a gold stater). In Roman mythology, the palm branch was attributed to Victoria, the Roman goddess of victory, and was a symbol of triumph and peace and protected the wearer from malign forces. 

For comparisons: Cf. Ruseva-Slokoska, L. Roman Jewellery, Sofia, 1991, item 233.

Material: solid gold, high carat 18K+
Weight: 3,57 grams
Date: Roman, 1st – 2nd century AD
Measurement: overall: 19 x 16 mm, ringsize: 16 x 14 mm
Condition: Extremely fine condition

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