medieval ring double cross

Medieval Silver Seal Ring with Cross of Lorraine / For sale

Medieval Time of Crusader Knights silver seal ring with Patriarchal cross (two-barred cross) between stars and two crescent moons.

The two-barred cross, also known as the Cross of Lorraine, has been one of the main elements in the coat of arms of Hungary since 1190. It appeared during the reign of King Béla III, who was raised in the Byzantine court. Béla was the son of Russian princess Eufrosina Mstislavovna. The cross appears floating in the coat of arms and on the coins from this era. The medieval Kingdom of Hungary was extended Byzantine Cyril-Methodian and the Western Latin church was expanded later. The two-barred cross in the Hungarian coat of arms comes from the same source of Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire in the 12th century.


Material: Silver
Date: Medieval, 1200 – 1400 AD
Measurement: overall: mm, ringsize: mm (USA)
Condition: Extremely fine condition

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